Special Edition – Global Warming

Global Warming – A Wicked Jabberwocky Kinda’ Problem – Reviewed in Five Fits.


Jabberwocky – Lewis Carroll

Whereas global warming is claimed to be a wicked problem, a mysterious je ne sais quoi, – yet demanding of fear and guilt responses to the unknown, exemplified by Paul Ehrlich’s panic predictions, and attributable to alarm-triggering messaging as described by H L Mencken, there are some who look askance at mysteries masquerading as problems, myself among them, and so herewith, in Five Fits, a serf review of the wicked and mysterious ‘problem’ of man-made global warming.

FIT1: Whereas ‘mysterious’ denotes ‘uncertainties,’ of ‘what,’ ‘why,’ ‘ how’ and who knows ‘where or when,’ many in the cli-science community have hazarded guesses regarding the unknowns of climate science, many failed papers and predictions regarding same, short term predictions adjustable to time extensions for man-made Climate Armageddon, for loss of arctic ice, death of polar bears and lemurs, increase of wildfires, weird weather events, rising of seas, un-documented but mega wipe-out of species … though not those countless bats and birds hit by wind turbines or zapped by miles of solar arrays.

Of the ‘what’ and ‘why,’ carbon is said to be the main actor in the drama, CO2, basis of life on Planet Earth, only 0.039 percent of our atmosphere but vital for plant growth, oxygen and us, has now gone rogue (?) or maybe demonized, likely the latter, for raisons d’etat. Read Professor Richard Lindzen’s paper regarding politicks behind the climate-change science in which he traces conscious efforts to politicize Climate Science, the most impressive exploitation for political purposes being ‘creation of the International Panel on Climate Change by two United Nations bodies, the United Nations Environmental Panel and the World Meteorological Organization.‘ https://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/0809/0809.3762.pdf Christiana Figueres adds another dimension, to the above; ‘it’s about creating a United Nations-managed New World Order.’

Regarding ‘how’ man made global warming has come about, it’s explained by way of shortwave CO2 forcing, a complicated phenomenon, arguments about climate sensitivity to a doubling of CO2 continuing and continually adjusted.

Each cause of global warming heats up the atmosphere in a distinctive pattern, its ‘signature.’ The signature of carbon emissions is a prominent ‘hotspot’ at about 10-12 kms in the air over the tropics. The hotspot is integral to the IPCC climate theory, ref. the IPCC Assessment Report 4 (AR4) 2007. Ch 9 for Source of Signature based on IPCC 1890-1999 warming, ref: https://sciencespeak.com/MissingSignature.pdf Dr David Evans, author of the above link, describes on pp 12,13, the process for water vapour feedback where the troposphere is effectively a blanket at the water vapour absorption frequencies. That hundreds of temperature sensitive radiosondes have not been able to find this signature is a travesty about which the supporters of the Carbon global warming theory are either silent or make tendentious claims of, ‘ well, it ‘could’ be there.’ ‘But it isn’t there,’ says David Evans. ‘No hotspot, therefore IPCC climate theory is fundamentally wrong.’

FIT 2: Whereas climate models are the crystal ball of climate science, ‘science’ not séance, so they’re okay, well not so okay, there’s that failure of the model projections to match observations. And that’s a major fail.


There’s that failure of the model projections to deal with complex interactive atmospheric and oceanic systems.


Says denizen kim @ Climate Etc. Feb.2011, regarding inter-active climate-change:

I think I’ve never heard so loud
the quiet message in a cloud.

Observes Ross McKitrick on that Hockey Stick model, icon of the IPCC review of Climate change, the core issues; the cherry-picked, proxy data set and the flawed methodology.


Noted problems in that Hockey Stick proxy data, (C Loehle 2009.) Regarding effects of moisture, shade and other factors on ring growth, this ode, from Brad Keyes of CliScep blog, Dec.2013.

Ode to a Bristlecone Pine.

What good is that wood?
That wood is no good.
Would you graph that wood?
I don’t think I would.

FIT 3: Whereas that mysterious burst of warming in the 1980’s and 1990’s, – claims of an Unprecedented Warming Period, UWP, but no, the long historical record, CET, Central England Temperature Record tells us not so, the Medieval Warming Period was just as warm and maybe warmer, and there’s all those other see-saw weather perturbations, ‘The pendulum of climate change,’ that Brian Fagan, author of ‘The Little Ice Age,’ observed ‘rarely paused for more than a generation,’

Herewith Tony Brown, climate historian, CET long term temperature data:


Temperature data cross referenced with all those written records, farmers’ almanacs, ships’ logs, records of glacier retreats and advances.


In those ups and downs in the long CET record, @Figure 6, several hockey sticks can be observed prior to the Mann construct, one in the early 1100’s, another in the late 1600’s, and one in the early 1900’s before the mid-century cooling prior to the 1980’s warming.

FIT 4: And whereas the laws of logic conform to nature’s laws. Nature can’t be unnatural, contradictory, paradoxical or magical, the Darwin Award is for getting it right, which means getting to survive another day,

Wicked problem, indefinable je ne sais quoi, it’s a masquerade, appearance instead of reality, (eat a photo of a burger next time), resemblance to truthiness, it’s called a mystery,- a mystery is a nothing to which are attributed properties.

Mystery of alleged unprecedented global warming crisis. What is it? Aristotle’s Laws of Logic apply. Law of Identity: a thing is what it is and not something else. If it can’t be clearly defined and measured, what is it? No ‘maybe’s,’ ‘could be’s’, ‘should be’s,’ Aristotle’s law of Non-Contradiction Regarding Statements and Theories: A self-contradiction is a lie. For all propositions P, it is impossible to be P and not P at the same time. True in logic as in nature, what is unreasonable is not true.

There’s no such thing
as truth you know,
I swear that this is true,
the universe exists to
make a fool of you.

Aristotle’s Law of the Excluded Middle: truth is a binary alternative, can’t mess with Mister In-Between. If a proposition can’t evaluate to ‘true’ or ‘false’ it is by definition unreasonable. The mysterious is Mister In-Between. It doesn’t equate to ‘true’ or ‘false.’ What is ‘it,’ this mysterious wicked problem? The mysterious is a null set. An empty set has no properties. Phantasmagoria.

FIT 5: Herewith an addendum … -So if not magical, that patch of warming in the 1980’s-1990’s – what is it? Well whatever it is, it has to conform to proper tests, to observation, and there’s a paper by Professor W.J.R Alexander that says it is the sun and those Cheshire sunspots that come and go, and what is more there’s a long hydrological record, back to the Egyptians, as evidence that this is so.

I have a paper in hard copy by Professor Alexander, ‘A critical assessment of current climate change science.’ (April 2006) that I downloaded in 2011, but I can’t get Google to retrieve it. I discuss it in some detail on my blog, see below. It is a detailed study of the river flow of the Vaal River, South Africa’s major river, and its synchronicity with the double sunspot cycle such that Professor Alexander was able to predict the South African floods of 1995 and 2006. https://beththeserf.wordpress.com/2018/12/23/56th-edition-serf-under_ground-journal/ I have found some of its significant data reproduced in a shorter publication by Alexander on Professor Pielke’s blog. It includes in its Tables 9 and 10, on pp 23/24 of the original paper. Figure 9 is very important. It demonstrates the unequivocal synchronous relationship between annual sunspot numbers and the annual flows in the Vaal River. Note the alternating above (rising) and below (falling) flow sequences. Note also their synchronous relationship with sunspot numbers; as well as the statistically significant (95%), 21-year periodicity in the flow data that is synchronous with the double sunspot cycle.


Professor Alexander observes that in a number of his memos and publications he has demonstrated an undeniable linkage between changes in solar magnetic polarity and concurrent changes in South African rainfall and river flow.

‘As long ago as in 1995 at the international IGBP conference here in Pretoria after I presented my Floods, droughts and climate change study,’ says Professor Alexander, ‘I asked the question, What causes El Nino? I received the joking response that if I could answer that question I might qualify for the Nobel Prize. Well, I can now answer that question. It is the direct consequence of changes in solar magnetic polarity. The occurrences during the past months, January and February 2006, have provided the proof that I needed.’ A critical assessment of current climate change scice, April 2006 p29.

Now here’s a contra hypothesis to CO2 man made warming and it’s based on observations that don’t conflict with the projections (predictions) or the long historical record. Regardless of whether Alexander is correct about the weather or not, the flaws in the existing IPCC theory remain. They are there on the record.

39 thoughts on “Special Edition – Global Warming

  1. The global warming hysteria is being pushed by elites trying to create new ways to scare the serfs and refusing to debate the subject. Few us believe them and their efforts are headed nowhere. The result is that we must watch our governments waste money, and patiently listen to their annoying crap.

    Your long time admirer,
    Richard Swarthout

  2. Richard, so good to hear from you. Yes, the elites. I’ve done a couple of posts on their actions behind the curtain, the UN coterie and Mister George Soros.

    Keep in touch, 🙂

  3. My election day letter to The (Weekend) Australian:

    Today’s election is in large part about sensible policy versus
    tribalism, identity and poorly-based virtue signalling on the global
    warming issue. Temperatures have plateaued this century and are below
    the lowest limits of all of the IPCC models’ projections. The IPCC
    accepts that no weather events to date can be attributed to
    human-induced warming. Australia can have no impact on whether or not
    temperatures rise, yet our policies have raised electricity prices
    about 80 per cent in a few years while they have fallen in the US and
    are little changed in other OECD countries.

    Great swathes of Western society have jumped on the warming bandwagon,
    it gives them purpose and identity and anyone challenging their
    orthodoxy is a threat and must be vigorously opposed, abused and
    invalidated – but with groupthink, not with science or rational
    consideration of which policies might be best for the overall
    well-being of society. There is no rational case for policies which
    seek to further reduce our CO2 emissions.

    I have for many years argued that whether or not warming continues and
    is net harmful, costly and damaging emissions-reduction policies are
    not the best way to prepare for a future which is sure to surprise us,
    as it always has. The best policies are those which best equip us to
    deal with whatever future befalls – policies which increase our
    productive capacity, entrepreneurship, innovation, self-reliance and
    resilience; policies which are fostered by reduced government
    intervention rather than the ever-increasing intervention which we
    have seen, and which reflect values which many in Australia and
    elsewhere seem to have lost sight of.

  4. Wish that the majority of Australian voters share your view Faustino, else the lunaticks will be running the asylum, alack! I posted the above Special Edition on Global Warming at Judith Curry’s blog, (in Five Fits.) I think I nailed it, their ‘ wicked problem,’ lol. ie Their ‘mann-yu-factured’ problem.’

    Always glad to read yr wise comments based on yr experience in the halls of power.

    • Richard, Everyone was surprised at the result. Polls had predicted a Labor Party Victory, It would have destroyed our economy, massive taxation and 50% renewable energy! But we’re back from the brink. (For now.)

  5. moso, you would think that context, roughly 10,000 years of Interglacial, followed by the long freeze, would impact our Guvuhmint energy policies, wouldn’t you, especially as we’re coming to the end of one of those interglacials? Burning coal, lots of it, might just stave it off a bit while we make adaptability provisions for the coming of the ice.

  6. https://judithcurry.com/2019/05/06/climates-uncertainty-principle/#comment-893065
    I have had a comment censored there today. This is a link to a new comment I promise will be remarked upon if they do it to it.
    Here is that comment, in full, repeated here:
    You lack perspective.
    This was the most ambitious scam in history.
    They wanted all the world’s weath.
    They wanted global domination.
    They wanted to enslave all future generations.

    Tne final push was launches with Nobel Prizes for Gore and Obama in the expectiation their efforts would deliver you and all you have and all you ever would possibly have – unto them. So they could sift your lives like grains of rice through their drunken fingers and laugh at your stupidity that justified their predation.
    They were about to bring a permanent Dark Age and the fall of man upon you.

    This was not accidental or innocent.
    Evil was never writ larger.
    Humanity was nearly destroyed.

    I want to see them against a wall and shot for this.
    I’m not even kidding a little bit.

    This would not be the first comment censored here, either.
    I’ll post it elsewhere and note it if it is.
    You’ll wear your shame for collaboration, I promise.
    (complete with misspellings.)

      • yes. the previous comment i made mocking the delusions of the climate catamites was removed.
        on wuwt, they won’t even post the comment (above)
        wuwt has banned people for less cuz tony is not bright enough to parse language properly and gets triggered.
        which, tbh, is sometimes the whole point – to make fools and appeasers dance like burning spastics.

    • i’d be interested to know what leif the solar scientist has to say about this as he’s done a complete reanalysis of the sunspot record.

      • I mentioned the paper at WUWT once re Willis E post but as I couldn’t do the link it had no impact.
        For some reason I can no longer comment at WUWT, I fill in the boxes and post but nothing appears.
        Not a moderation note, nuthin’. Others are welcome to post the Alexander link there but I cannot.

  7. Thank you, beththeserf.
    That your blog is still up is a good thing.
    I typically link to your site by clicking cling your name but now it links to your gravitar site.
    If I may please detour around your Fits:
    It seems that what we are going through in the West is not “merely” the 1984 scenario.
    1984 was about the Stalinist police state and the tools of thought control and depersoning and shattering the soul.
    Orwell, an atheist, skipped around the spiritual.
    I am thinking more of how Faust, if he had sold his soul to rule the world, would have behaved.
    And the type of society Mephistopheles would want to “guide” his chosen fool into building.
    Your insights would be most welcome.

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